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Eton Boost8400
Rechargeable Battery Pack

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Eton Boost 8400

The Eton Boost8400 a backup battery pack with a high capacity 8400 mAH lithium ion battery that provides long-lasting reliable power whenever and wherever you need it. When fully charged BoostBloc8400 fully charges most smartphones multiple times and even larger tablets like the iPad. The Boost 8400 features a Micro-USB DC input to use with most smartphone chargers and dual 2.1 Amp USB charging ports so you can charge two devices (two smartphones or a smartphone and tablet) simultaneously—with a combined output current of 2.1 Amps. It features an integrated 8400 mAh Li-ion battery, a 4 LED charge indicator, dual standard USB outputs and micro-USB input. Supplied with micro-USB cable. An LED charge indicator lets you monitor the battery charge level when you give it a quick shake.

The sleek design fits perfectly in your pocket, purse or palm for an anytime, anywhere power boost.

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