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The AOR SDU5000 spectrum display unit extends the capabilities of the AR3000A such as visually identifying new active frequencies and taking measurements. The SDU5000 employs a 3.1 inch (79mm) diagonal 16 color LCD display. An external composite video monitor (not supplied) may be added.

When using the AR3000A receiver, the AOR SDU5000 the frequency, mode and attenuator may be controlled from the SDU so that the displayed frequency may be easily monitored and the cursor frequency of the SDU is equal to the receive frequency of the radio. By using the cursor of the SDU, frequency and signal level can be read directly. The SDU5000 comes with an AC power supply, BNC to BNC cable to connect to the IF output of a modified AR3000A and a DB25 serial cable.

Input Frequency:   10.7 MHz
Sweep Width: 1 kHz to 10 MHz (1 kHz step)
Frequency Accuracy: +/- 600 Hz
Resolution Bandwidth: 5 / 30 kHz
Reference Level: -10, -40 dBm
Maximum Input Level: -10 dBm
Dynamic Range: 50 dBm min
Level Accuracy: Linearity within +/- 2 dB (within -40 dB from reference level)
Band Ripple: +3 dB -6 dB@ 10.7 MHz +/- 5 MHz
Temperature: +/- 6 dB (0 - 40 degrees Celsius, 32 - 104 degrees in Fahrenheit)
Marker Mode: Direct read-out for frequency and level, Peak Detect, Averaging (2 to 32 times sampling adjustment)
Plot Mode: Outline, Paint
Display Mode: Upper, lower
Input Impedance: 20 k ohm
Display Type: 3.1 inch diagonal dot matrix LCD 16 color
Display resolution: 192 x 210 dots
Screen Refresh: 500 mS
Backup: From primary 12 V DC supply
Dimensions: (190x95x255 mm)
Weight: (2 kg)
Power Requirements: 12 V DC nominal @ 0.8 Amp (120 VAC AC adapter included)
Supported companion radios: AR3000A (An AR3000A radio modification is required for 10.7 MHz IF Output).

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#0000 97-98 D1000/1000 Q350/440 JP 03/16