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The MFJ-407D Deluxe Iambic Keyer uses the latest Curtis 8044ABM IC chip. You get everything you need to send beautiful CW from this Deluxe MFJ Keyer -- easy access front panel controls, all keyer modes, dot-dash memories, jam-proof spacing, weight control, sidetone, built-in speaker and more. You get speed, weight, tone and volume controls and tune, semi-auto and on/off switches all on the front panel for easy access.

By plugging in a dual paddle squeeze key, you can use the fully automatic iambic mode. In this mode, dot-dash memory makes keying extremely easy. It lets you insert a dot before a dash finishes or insert a dash before a dot finishes. Also, squeezing both paddles generate alternating dots and dashes. This lets you send characters such as C, K, and R with a single squeeze. It turns an inexperienced fist into a professional sounding CW operator.

You can use the automatic mode with a single or dual paddle. You automatically generate dots and dashes by pressing the paddle. You can switch into a semi-automatic "bug" mode to generate dots automatically and dashes manually. Or you can use a "straight key" mode and manually generate your own dots and dashes. You can select type A or type B keying to match your sending style. The speed range is configured with an internal jumper for 5 to 65 WPM or 10 to 40 WPM. The weight control lets you adjust your dot-dash-space ratio to make your signal distinctive to bust through pile ups. It also lets you compensate for the turn-on delay of your transmitter. It also has a tune switch for tuning your transmitter or antenna tuner and is in a metal RF proof cabinet. The built-in speaker provides a sidetone. This device keys solid state and tube transmitters. The attractive black cabinet measures 7 x 2 x 6 inches.

The view rear panel has 1/4 inch 3 conductor input and output is an RCA phono jack. The MFJ-407D requires 9 volt battery (not supplied) or 12 VDC. Operation from 110 VAC is possible with the optional MFJ-1312D power supply. Click here to view larger. Click here to view Owner's Manual [PDF 36k].

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