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MFJ's Menu Driven Memory Keyer™ lets you immediately enjoy your MFJ-492/X without reading an instruction manual -- there's no keypad, no complex sequences, nothing to remember. You simply select a menu by pressing a button. An LED lights to show you which menu is active. You select a feature by pressing a feature button. It's as easy as using a computer touch screen! Each menu is clearly printed on the front panel -- there's no confusion. From the menu you can save and play messages . . . decrement serial numbers . . . set speed, weight, sidetone . . . enter iambic, semi-auto, handkey, message queue, paddle command modes . . . turn on/off sidetone, transmitter tune, keying output on/off . . . select iambic A or B, reverse paddle, Morse trainer and store starting serial number. You can bypass the menu by keying in simple two letter commands. When you select a feature the keyer tells you its status in CW. Matching your CW speed to a QSO is best done by ear. The MFJ-492 lets you match speed by turning a knob or by using MFJ's Analog Set™. In this mode, pressing the dot or dash paddle smoothly increases or decreases speed from 5 to 100 WPM. You can also customize the range of the speed knob for precise control.

There is even a powerful Morse code trainer function that lets you practice or teach code in Farnsworth or normal mode. You can select letters, numbers, punctuation marks or prosigns or any combination for practice. You can use standard 5 character groups, more realistic random 1 to 8 character groups or select specific six character sets to work on. You can instant-replay a random session to check your copy. You can store custom code practice sessions in memory for later replay.

There are several modes of Message Memories:
Message Repeat™ lets you repeat messages continuously. You can also insert pauses within a message. This lets you call CQ, listen for an answer and then resume calling CQ by pressing a single button. Each pause can be up to an hour -- it makes a perfect Automatic Beacon.
Message Call™ calls other messages and Message Queue plays messages in sequence. You can store QTH, rig, weather and other information in separate message memories and play these in any sequence you want! Message Edit™ lets you correct mistakes while recording a message -- you don't have to start all over if you make a mistake. While you're playing a memory message you can break-in at any time and insert comments from your paddle and then resume playing your message. You can insert commands within a stored message. As you play it back, these commands will execute. For example, you can insert automatically incrementing serial numbers, replay messages continuously, call and play other messages, insert pauses or combine all these in one message! When you play your messages back, automatic word and character spacing make your CW sound like perfect code. Or you can adjust the spacing for a more distinctive individual sound that DX stations will notice.

Plus there is more:
You get contest serial numbering (0-9999) with auto-increment. You can send an N for 9 and a T for 0 to save time. MFJ's Analog Set™ lets you adjust speed, weight and sidetone just as smoothly as a knob -- dot/dash paddles are used as an up/down control. You get built-in sidetone, speaker, front panel volume control knob and adjustable 300-3000 Hz tone. You can use automatic, semi- automatic bug or handkey modes, reverse dot/dash paddles, select iambic A or B or non-iambic modes. You can adjust weight from 5 to 95% and compensate for transmitter distortion with a special transmitter compensation feature. A tune feature lets you key your transmitter for tuning. You can turn off the keying output so you can practice without keying your transmitter or unplugging your keyer. You get direct and grid block keying. Keys solid state and tube rigs. 6½ x 2½ x 6¾ inches.

This MFJ-492X version includes the MFJ-80 memory expansion option factory installed.
This increases your memory capacity from 192 to 8000 characters.

Requires a 9 volt battery (not supplied), 12 VDC or will operate from the optional MFJ-1312D AC adapter.

Order # Item Description Price Order
#2433 MFJ-1312D 12 VDC 500 mA AC Adapter [for MFJ-492/492X/493] $15.95

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