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  RJ1 & RJ2

The Bencher RJ series keys are superb instruments that are very responsive and will bring new pleasure to traditional Morse code keying. The RJ-1 has a black textured base and chrome components. The RJ-2 has a chrome base and chrome components. They both feature oil-impregnated bronze bearing pivot points to impart friction-free pivoting and wobble free vertical tracking. The black Navy knob has a removable skirt. Stainless steel locking screws allow individual adjustment for arm height, tension and contact spacing. The heavy metal base has anti-skid rubber feet for real staying power. The RJ series key measures 3 x 6 x 1.75 inches 2 pounds (760x152x45mm 0.9 kg).

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   RJ-1 Hand Key - Black textured base, chrome components. VIEW  Not in stock
     RJ-2 Hand Key - Chrome plated base, chrome components. Not in stock

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