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Blue Racer 2000 Keys

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  Vibroplex Blue Racer key

The Vibroplex Blue Racer key was patented in 1914 and was last noted in production in the mid-1960s. The Blue Racer 2000 is designed for code speeds ranging from approximately 20 WPM to 50 WPM. Owning this beautifully crafted instrument will link you to a great tradition. The Blue Racer 2000 uses the same main frame and decorative chrome finished parts as the Original Bug for the same smooth and easy operating feel. Available in two models.

The Standard version has the famous blue colored base (shown above). The Deluxe version has a chrome plated base. Each measures 6.5 by 2.5 inches.

On current production units, the embossed brass serial number plate has been replaced with a brass colored, aluminum, silk-screened serial number plate.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  #3280 BLUERA STD Blue Racer 2000 Standard.
Blue base with chrome top parts. Shown above.
$232.95 $198.98
  #1278 BLUERA DLX Blue Racer 2000 Deluxe
Chrome base and top parts. VIEW
$272.95 $234.98
  CW Cord & Wedge Cord and wedge plug to two spade lugs. VIEW Discontinued

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