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The MFJ-418 Pocket Morse Code Tutor lets you learn Morse Code anywhere, anytime. Take it everywhere! Enjoy code practice at home, going to work, on vacation, on a plane or in a hotel - no matter where you are. The MFJ-418 gives you a large LCD display that reads out letters, numbers and punctuation in plain english. See code as it is being sent! MFJ's proven Beginner's Course takes you from zero code speed to solid copy fast! Realistic plain English QSO practice helps you pass your F.C.C. code exam. Practice copying words as one sound - not individual characters. Instant word recognition makes you a true high-speed CW pro. With InstantReplay™ you can check your copy instantly!

MFJ's interactive mode lets you set the pace. You decide when to copy the next group and how many -- not the tutor. It is so easy to use (choose from menus on the LCD display) that no instruction manual needed! MFJ-418 takes you from knowing zero code to solid copy fast! You learn letter, number and prosign sets first. As you do, previously learned sets are combined with new sets to reinforce all that you have learned. If you have trouble with certain characters, you can build and save a custom set of these for extra practice - An MFJ Exclusive!

You can practice copying realistic on-the-air style plain English random QSOs. They'll help get you ready for your FCC exam. When you're comfortable copying these QSOs, you're ready to pass and upgrade. Plus you will gain confidence before you make your first real contact. You can select normal or Farnsworth spacing! Farnsworth makes it easier to recognize entire characters. It stops the tendency to count individual dots and dashes that could slow learning. Farnsworth character speed is adjustable from 10 to 60 words per minute for high-speed practice.

With the large 2 line 32 character LCD display you can read words, letters, numbers and punctuation in plain English as code is being sent. This is a powerful sound and sight aid! The MFJ-418 is smaller than a pack of cigarettes -- tiny 2¼ x 3¾ x 1 in., weighs less than 5½ oz. It fits in a shirt pocket with room to spare! There is a built-in speaker plus a 3.5mm earphone jack. It will drive either mono or stereo earphones (not supplied). Requires a 9 volt battery (not included).

Click here to view Owner's Manual [PDF 166K].

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