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  Vibroplex Straight Deluxe

The Vibroplex® Straight key is distinctly designed on a heavy solid base. The stainless steel spring allows complete control of the tension. And of course the straight key has the famous Vibroplex logo plate with a unique serial number pinned to the top of the base with stainless steel pins. The smooth action and heavy steel base allow the operator to send perfect code. (This item is also referred to as the Vibroplex Hand Key).

On current production units, the embossed brass serial number plate has been replaced with a brass colored, aluminum, silk-screened serial number plate.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  #4417 HAND STAND Standard straight key.
Black textured base with chrome top parts. VIEW
$171.95 $144.98 Order
     HAND DELUX Deluxe straight key.
Chrome base and top parts. VIEW
Not in stock
     CP2 Cable Cord and plug (1/4 inch mono plug to two spade lugs). VIEW Not in stock

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