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Bencher Hex Key

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  Bencher Hex Key

The Bencher Hex Key has a unique design that is classic Bencher. It is attractive to the eye and a perfect match for the fingers of the proficient CW operator. Fully iambic, this innovative design utilizes magnets for tensioning, and unlike some rather expensive European designs, allows separate individual tensioning adjustment for dot and dash contacts.

This paddle is robust! If you are a ham that learned CW using a "bug" you know that it was necessary to be fairly physical with the bug for good CW. But old habits are hard to break. Many operators still tend to slap their paddle around. This is one paddle that will take it and come back for more. Certainly one of the heaviest paddles available, weighing in at well over three pounds, (1.4 kilos) the components throughout are tough and sturdy, built to last. This is one paddle you won’t be chasing around the operating position.

But does this sturdiness mean that the operator must give up the feather light responsiveness and tactile feedback that Bencher paddles are justly famous for? Not at all! The Hex Paddle is truly a magical combination of rugged construction and deft, flawless touch. Solid silver contact points with gold plating assure perfect closure. Whether you are just learning CW or are at the top of your form, this is the paddle that will take you to the next level. View larger

Type: Fully Iambic Finish: Powder coated leaded steel base, chrome plated top parts Tensioning: Individual Magnets Spacing, Fully adjustable, uses famous Bencher split lock post design Weight: Exceeds 3 pounds 2 ounces Contact Points: Gold plated solid silver Size: Across Hex base flats – 3 7/8" (98 mm) Overall Length: 5 1/8 inches (130 mm) Height: 2 3/8 inches (60mm)

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