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  Bencher paddle

Bencher paddles and keys are of the highest quality and include gold-plated solid silver contract points. They are constructed on a very heavy base. The chrome plated Bencher BY-2 iambic paddle is shown.

Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  #0458 BY-1 Iambic Black Paddle. VIEW LARGER $171.95 $159.95
  #0459 BY-2 Iambic Chrome Plated Paddle. VIEW LARGER $211.95 $189.95
   BY-3 Iambic Gold Plated Paddle. VIEW LARGER Discontinued
   BY-4 Iambic Gold & Black Paddle. VIEW LARGER Discontinued
  #0006 ST-1 Single Lever Black Paddle. VIEW LARGER $145.00 $134.95
  #0559 ST-2 Single Lever Chrome Plated Paddle. VIEW LARGER $176.95 $159.95
  #0386 EZ-1 Universal hook-up cable. INFO $12.95 $12.95

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