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The AEA MM-3 Morse Machine is a combination memory keyer, Morse trainer and CW beacon. The Morse keyer can be set from 2 to 99WPM and features 8000 character memory capacity that can be stored in 20 memories.

The Morse code proficiency trainer allows random code group practice with steadily increasing speed. A random word generator generates 4-letter words for a more realistic practice session. A built in Dr. QSO™ allows you to call other stations, answer a CQ or just sit back and listen to realistic QSOs.

The MM-3 can programmed as an automatic beacon to repeat a Morse message at and interval from 1 to 999 seconds.

The rear panel has an RS232 I/O port. This device requires 12VDC at 500 mA.

Order # Item Description Price Order
  AC-1 AC Power supply Discontinued
    Memory upgrade (to 36,000 characters). Discontinued

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