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C Crane FMW
FM Antenna White


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C Crane FMW

The C Crane FM Reflect is a very affordable FM antenna that is equal to or better than the best indoor antenna made. It has a better signal to noise ratio and it's easy to use. This antenna will work with any portable or stereo receiver

The FM Reflect FM Antenna incorporates a new dipole design for maximum gain across the entire FM Broadcast band. Up to 213% more powerful than a standard dipole antenna, it covers the entire FM band with an almost flat response where standard dipoles start to fall off near the end of the band. Many FM stations now broadcast their signal with circular polarization. The FM Reflect is the only FM antenna that can be adjusted to take advantage of this. It is not affected as much by surrounding objects and people like other FM antennas. Reflect produces a strong signal not commensurate for its size because it is carefully tuned.

Size:  54 inch element with an 8 foot feed line. Weight: 8.5 ozs. Comes with F connector, balun spade connector and alligator clip. 3.3 dB Gain.

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