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Palomar LA-1
Loop Amp Base


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Palomar LA1

While loop antennas generally have less gain than wire antennas, they do offer directionality and low noise reception. Rotating the loop can help eliminate interference or noise. The loop rotates and tilts to give deep nulls so you can eliminate local interference. It also may allow you to null out a station and listen to another one on the same frequency. Only loops that tilt can do this. Deep nulls permit the listener to null out nearby stations to permit DX reception. The top of the base is calibrated 0-360° to facilitate direction finding. The new improved, Palomar LA-1 is the amplifier-mounting base in which the various loops plug into. This new improved LA1 features 10 dB more gain than the previous version. Controls include Tune and On-Off. 7 x 6 x 2 inches. The rear panel has a standard 50-75 ohms SO-239 jack. The LA-1 will operate for a long time on a single 9 volt clip-on battery since it draws only 3 mA. Each loop element is designed to cover a certain portion of the frequency spectrum. The loops rotate 360° in azimuth and tilt ± 90° in elevation. (HF-1 does not tilt).

You must buy the LA1 base and also order the loop elements for the bands you are interested in. Please note that the 1700-6000 element has fairly low gain and the HF-1 element has very low gain. You will need a short coaxial jumper cable to connect the LA-1 to your receiver. For most communications receivers this will be a PL-259 to PL-259 coaxial jumper. Choose from 2 or 3 foot cables.

If you are using this antenna system for medium wave DXing, and your radio has a built in AM antenna, then click here to learn about the optional LC1 Loop Coupler.

Order # Model Coverage (kHz) Description List Price Your Price Order
  Omega 10-40 kHz ELF Discontinued
  WWVB 40-150 kHz VLF Discontinued
  LF 150-550 kHz Long Wave Discontinued
  BCB 550-1600 kHz Medium Wave Discontinued
  160/80 1700-6000 kHz Tropical (160/80m) Discontinued
  HF-1 5000-16000 kHz Shortwave Discontinued

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