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Kiwa MW Loop

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MW Loop

The Kiwa Medium Wave air core loop is a high performance antenna designed expressly for improved medium wave (AM band) reception and DXing. The Kiwa loop is designed with special features to improve reception under difficult conditions. These include a fully balanced design to improve nulling ability and to provide noise immunity. A regeneration control adjusts the antennas bandwidth, and a geared tilt control facilitates nulling signals. It's inherent narrow bandwidth is ideally suited for MW DX'ing. The Kiwa tunes from 530 to 1700 kHz and may be rotated and tilted for maximum signal pickup or precise nulling of local signals and interference. The -6dB antenna bandwidth may be adjusted from 15 kHz to less than 2 kHz for razor sharp selectivity. A Local/DX pre-amp switch is featured. Dual output amps provide drive for two receivers simultaneously. Receiver output is SO-239 (to accept PL-259).

The Kiwa medium wave loop is supplied with low-noise AC supply or may be run from 12 VDC.

Antenna coil: 12.75 inches. Overall: 17H x 18W inches. 14 Lbs.

This item is no longer available from Universal Radio. Please contact Kiwa directly for current availability.

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