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NilJon HD FM H4
FM Broadcast
Beam Antenna


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NILJON FM Beam Antenna

The NilJon HD FM H4 beam antenna provides commercial performance and construction at a residential price. This 4 element horizontally polarized, heavy duty antenna is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It provides outstanding 9.9 to 10.2 dBi gain across the 88-108 MHz FM broadcast band. And the 10.2 dBi gain is at the lower end of the band where the interesting weaker college stations transmit. This antenna is designed for the FM listener or FM broadcast band DXer desiring long range reception. It utilizes an off-center, direct fed, singular driven element. With no lossy gamma match, coils, multi-feed etc., you get more signal to your radio.

The boom length is 6 foot and the turning radius is 57 inches. It uses a direct 75 ohm (F-type) feed. The supplied stainless steel U-bolt handles up a 1.5 inch mast. Because of its small wind resistance, it can be rotated with even light-weight residential antenna rotors. Feedline, mast and rotor not included.

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