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Terk PI-B
AM FM Amplified
Indoor Antenna


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Terk PI-B

The Terk AM/FM PI-B antenna improves both short and long-range radio reception. Although compact in size, the AM/FM pi is big in performance, thanks to its built-in high-gain signal amplifier (FM band only), exclusive Gamma-Loop® technology that reduces FM interference to a minimum, plus many other advanced features.

The AM/FM PI-B delivers clear reception in virtually any environment, and its attractive, understated design blends with most any décor. It features a built-in high-gain, low-noise FM amplifier can be adjusted to strengthen reception of weaker or distant stations, without over-boosting stronger or closer stations. The exclusive Gamma-Loop technology reduces noise before amplifying FM signals, for clearest, quietest FM reception. The patented non-conduction circuitry isolates the AM and FM antenna elements from each other for improved reception.

The FM reception pattern is omnidirectional. The non-skid base keeps the antenna in place during adjustment. Click here for specifications.

Output to the AM is to twinlead (two conductor) wire. Output to the FM band is in the form of a push-on "F" connector. A matching transformer is also supplied if your radio tuner or receiver has push-button or terminals for FM antenna input. The Terk AM/FM PI-B also includes an AC adapter.

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