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Terk FM Edge
Indoor FM Antenna


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Terk Edge Antenna

The Terk FM Edge is a compact powered FM antenna designed for indoor use. Its compact size and contemporary styling lets it fit in anywhere. A continuously adjustable gain knob lets you adjust the amplification from 0 to +36 dB.

The back panel of the antenna features a 3.5mm input jack for the supplied AC adapter. There is a wired-in lead in cable that will plug into either the 70 ohm F jack on your receiver. There is also a 70 Ohm supplied antenna matching transformer for receivers with 75 ohm terminals.

7.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches. The Terk Edge includes an AC adapter (120 VAC 60 Hz input to 12 VDC 100 mA output [+] ). [Previously called FM4000].

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