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Terk Advantage
AM Indoor Antenna


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Terk Advantage

The Terk Advantage is a passive, fully adjustable indoor antenna for the AM broadcast band. It uses a pre-tuning system that adjusts antenna to specific frequency for best reception. It covers 540 to 1700 kHz. It tunes stations that other antennas do not and tunes out static. The Advantage may be placed right next to or on top of the AM radio. This inductive coupling makes it easy to use with most portables.

For an even higher level of performance the unit may be connected to the receiver or tuner (if it has AM antenna terminals). A six foot 300 ohm cable is supplied. (This cable has a 3.5mm mini plug at one end that plugs into the antenna base and two conductor bare wire at the end that plugs into the radio's AM antenna terminals).

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