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C Crane TCA
Twincoil AM Antenna

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C Crane TCA

The C Crane TCA Twin Coil AM antenna helps bring in those AM stations you want to hear. This patented AM antenna doubles daytime reception, dramatically reduces nighttime fade out, and can even eliminate heavy static and distortion. Connect to your radio to hear distant low-power stations with amazing clarity. The TCF AM Antenna works with any radio, from portables to home stereos. It includes a unique wireless ferrite stick that works on radios without antenna connectors, and the typical wire patch cord for radios with antenna connectors. The basic package comes with five feet of cable to connect the antenna to the tuner, 25 foot extension and TCA extension coupler.

Ideal for boosting AM radio reception in brick, stucco, or metal-sided homes. (Pat. #US 6,529,169 B2). Operates from included AC adapter or optional 9 volt battery (not supplied).

For even longer runs, the optional J25 25-foot and remote extension kit is available (see below)

NOTE 02/25/17
The antenna is going through a re-design at Crane. They currently do not have a tentative backorder date.
We will post updated information as soon as it is available.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
#0332 J25 25 foot extension for TCA (requires JAC). $19.95
#1651 JAC TCA extension coupler. VIEW $7.95

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