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Terk FM50 Antenna

The FM Pro is Terk's best FM antenna, designed for exceptional FM reception over long distances. The FM Pro's patented half-wavelength folded dipole design and built-in dual-mode amplifier provide clear and powerful reception of both distant and close FM stations. It's the ultimate antenna for the FM radio enthusiast. The FM Pro's slim-profile design allows easy mounting under a windowsill, on a rooftop, on a wall or in any number of locations inside or outside a home.

The FM-50 Pro features a Figure 8 pickup pattern captures signals from in front of and behind the antenna with equal strength, allowing optimum positioning for reception of weaker and distant stations. The dual-mode amplifier allows a choice of best gain setting-high-gain for weak signals or bypass mode for optimum reception of strong signals. 11 dB amplification may be switched on or off. The ultra-durable paintable weatherproof housing includes "F" connector for connection to RG6 or RG59 cable (cable not included).

57 x 2.5 x 1.25 inches. The Terk FM-50 Pro includes a special AC adapter (120 VAC 60 Hz input to 12 VDC 100 mA output [+]). To facilitate terminal hookup, an antenna matching transformer is also included.

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