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Palstar LA30
Loop Antenna


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Palstar LA30

The Palstar LA30 Ferrite Loopstick Antenna is designed for the avid longwave, medium wave, and Tropical Band shortwave listener. The LA30 is a rotating loopstick antenna using active electronics to give high selectivity & gain. The tunable pre-selector ensures best possible weak signal reception and interference rejection. A hi-Q pre-selector eliminates interference from powerful nearby stations. A +15 db pre-amplifier pulls in weak stations, while a 15 db attenuator prevents overload when listening to strong stations. The LA30 controls are very easy to use.

The LA30 comes standard with a Medium wave Loopstick that covers 410 kHz to 2050 kHz. Two optional loopsticks are available: a Long wave version that covers 110 kHz to 550 kHz, and a Tropical Band version that covers 1480 kHz to 7500 kHz. A switch on the rear panel can select either AC wall transformer (included) input or a 12VDC internal AA battery pack (AA cells not supplied). This antenna is still available directly from Palstar.


Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  9007600 Long Wave Loop Element   110-  550 kHz Discontinued
     Medium Wave Loop Element  410-2050 kHz (supplied)  
#1368 9007700 Tropical Short Wave Loop Element 1480-7500 kHz Discontinued

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