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McKay Dymek DA5
Medium Wave Antenna


McKay Dymek DA7
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McKay Dymek DA5C

The McKay Dymek DA5 is high quality, directional antenna for the AM broadcast band (540-1600 kHz). The antenna employs a shielded 12 inch ferrite rod that can be rotated and tilted to null-out unwanted signals. A frequency control permits precise selection of incoming signals while the sensitivity control provides optimum reception of distant stations. The antenna may be rotated 360 degrees, and can also be angled to optimize reception. It is finished in real teak wood and textured black enamel. This antenna operates from 115/230 VAC. The rear panel has a 50 ohm output phono jack to the receiver. There is also an external phona antenna input jack to the DA-5. Dimensions: 13.375 x 11 x 9.125 inches 6.75 lbs.

The McKay Dymek DA7 is the same as the DA-5, but additionally covers the long wave broadcast band from 145-285 kHz.

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