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McKay Dymek DA9
Antenna System


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McKay Dymek DA9

The McKay Dymek DA9 antenna system provides maximum flexibility. Purchase the DA9 base unit and purchase antenna heads for the bands your are interested in. Gain is 20 dB from 50 to 2000 kHz. Line voltage is 110/120/220/240 VAC 4W. 13.375 x 9.125 x 11 inches (35x23x28 cm). The rear panel has output to receiver, input from external antenna and a fuse jack. Element heads are gimbaled to provide not only azimuth orientation, but also elevation angle may be changed to fascilitate nulling.
The DA9 is shown above with the optional DL4 element.

Order # Item Description Your Price Order
  DA9 Amplified loop base. Discontinued
  DL1 ELF - Extremely Long Wave Loop Element 18-55 kHz Discontinued
  DL2 VLF - Very Long Wave Loop Element 50-150 kHz Discontinued
  DL3 LF - Long Wave Loop Element 150-530 kHz Discontinued
  DL4 MF - Medium Wave Loop Element 530-1900 kHz Discontinued
  DW1 Non Direction Whip Element 150 kHz-30 MHz. VIEW. Discontinued

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