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RCA Type Adapters

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RF Parts 

The RCA phono connector is primarily used for audio applications, but sometimes for RF applications also.

Order # Photo Item Description Source Your Price Order
#2373 BNC-RCA BNC-RCA BNC female to RCA male adapter VIEW P-957   $1.99
#5087 RCA Female to BNC Male RCA BNC M RCA Female to BNC Male adapter P-955   $1.89
#2690 RCA-PL259 RCA-PL259 RCA female to PL259 adapter P-557A   $1.99
#2118 SO239-RCA SO239-RCA SO-239 (UHF) to RCA phono plug adapter VIEW M-27380   $1.99
#1558 Mono Phone Plug RCA to Mini RCA female to
mini 1/8 inch mono male plug
P-533A   $1.99
#1428 Mini to RCA MINI RCA Mini 1/8 inch (3.5mm) mono female to
RCA male plug
P-531A   $1.99
#5179 FC71 F to RCA M F Female to RCA male adapter. VIEW P-FC69   $1.89
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