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DC Cigarette
Power Cords
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These Cigarette DC Power Cords & Connectors are for low amperage devices and are commonly used in CB radio. Please note the auto cigarette lighter jacks in most vehicles do not provide adequate current to support most amateur HF or VHF/UHF mobiles used at high power.

Order # Photo Item Description Price Order
  T type DC Power Connector CB3AP DC Power cord with 6 foot 16g wire and 4 Amp fuse.  VIEW
Terminates to a 3 pin Cobra plug.  VIEW PLUG
#0402 Cigar Plug TC777 Cigarette lighter plug for
medium amperage applications.
With 10 Amp replaceable fuse.
  $1.98 Order
  Cigar Plug Pow Amp TC6106 Cigarette lighter plug for low amperage applications. VIEW  
With 2 Amp replaceable fuse, selectable polarity and 10 foot coiled cord.
Includes six tips: 1.1/3.5mm, 2.1/5mm, 2.5/5.5mm, 2.1/5.5mm,
2.4/5.5mm and 3.5mm mini plug.
CAUTION: Most, but not all, current radios feature positive tip polarity.
Take care when selecting tip polarity.
  view small DC power plugs    

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