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F Type Adapters

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RF Parts 

The F type connector is used as the VHF/FM antenna input of the Grundig Satellit 800 and on some scanner antennas.

Order # Photo Item Description   Your Price Order
#2814 FC68 SO239 to F SO239 to F male adapter VIEW P-FC68   $3.19 Order
#3111 FC71 F to PL259 Female F to PL259 adapter VIEW P-FC71   $2.99 Order
#4532 F TO N F to N ML Female F to N Male adapter VIEW P-717   $3.89 Order
#4582 FC71 RCA F-F M Female RCA to F male adapter. VIEW Z-922   $0.98 Order
#5179 FC71 F to RCA M F Female to RCA male adapter. VIEW P-FC69   $1.89 Order
#5177 F to mini F to Mini F Female to mini male (3.5mmm) adapter. VIEW P-FC72   $2.69 Order
#2942 BNC TO F BNCF TO FM BNC Female to F male adapter. VIEW P-958   $3.09 Order
#6686 F TO BNC M F TO BNC M F female to BNC male adapter VIEW P-960   $2.89 Order
#2081 FC81 F-81 GOLD Female F to Female F coupler. Gold. VIEW CZ-114G   $1.69 Order
#3665 112 F M to F M Male F to Male F coupler. VIEW CZ-112   $0.98 Order
#5333 F elbow F Angle F male to F Female 90° elbow. VIEW P-FC61   $0.99 Order
#4576 N to F N FEM-F ML N female to F male adapter. P-718   $3.95 Order
#1113 Fp100 PAL M TO F PAL male to F female adapter VIEW P-FP100   $1.79 Order
#1156 Fp400 PAL F TO F PAL female to F female adapter VIEW P-FP400   $2.29 Order

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