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Affordable Holiday
Gift Ideas 2018

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2018 Holiday Gift Ideas  


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#0045 Eton ARCBB202C Eton Blackout Buddy Color
The Eton Blackout Buddy Color looks like a simple night light, but it is a whole lot more! It is your constant emergency LED flashlight and multi-color, motion activated night light. You may adjust it for three colors, as shown left: a clean white countertop, calming blue bedroom or cool mint bathroom.
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#0154 Cat Mini Eton Mini
Pocket Receiver
The Eton Grundig Edition Mini lets you put the world in your pocket. It receives AM and FM bands, plus international shortwave broadcasts. Features include:  digital display, scanning, clock-alarm with sleep timer, key lock and mini earphone jack. Requires two AAA batteries (not included). With carry pouch. 4.3" x 2.7” x 0.47”.
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  Gift Certificate Universal Gift Certificates Make your holiday shopping for that "Radio Person" easy! Purchase a gift certificates online, or give us a call.
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  Gift Certificate Larry™C LED Flashlights The perfect stocking stuffer! These robust LED flashlights are amazingly bright and efficient. With magnetic rotating clip. Includes 3 AAA cells. In 5 colors.
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#6846 Cat Welfare Calendar Cat Welfare
2019 Calendar
The Cat Welfare 2019 Calendar is a great gift if your radio person is also a cat person. They will love this informative, high quality calendar. And ALL proceeds go to Cat Welfare.
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#0814 ETOW HL1-FR HumanaLight ETOW HL1-FR HumanaLight The ETOW HL1-FR HumanaLight is an amazing light source kit powered by a single AA cells. It last up to 5 weeks! This item makes a great first soldering project. And when you are finished you have built a useful device.
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#6792 JK6089-A Jakemy JK6089-A
45 Piece Driver Set
The Jakemy JK6089-A is a 45 piece driver set will get you into almost any electronic device items such as tablets, cell phones, cameras, etc. (But after that, you are on your own. hi hi!).
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#0004 Rcvr P&P Shortwave Receivers Past & Present —
Communications Receivers
Shortwave Receivers Past & Present is a beautiful, hard cover comprehensive guide to over 1700 shortwave, amateur and commercial communications receivers (plus 1200 variants) produced in the last 70 years. Fourth Edition. Over 800 pages and 1800 glossy photos.
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#2019 WRTH World Radio TV Handbook
The World Radio TV Handbook is the classic annual reference information on mediumwave, shortwave and FM broadcasts and broadcasters. Country-by-country lists of services and broadcasters, winter shortwave frequencies, an expanded clandestine section, and international and domestic broadcasts by frequency and language. New 2019 edition 672 pages.
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#6319 MFJ-122RC MFJ-122RC
Digital Clock
The MFJ-122RC atomic clock features: 24/12 switchable format, 1 inch high digits, date/day, seconds display, 5 minute ID (snooze) timer, selectable DST and cool blue back light! The 2 x 2.5 inch display may be momentarily backlit by pressing the snooze bar. Has dual alarms and displays indoor temperature (32° to 122°F). Requires two AAA cells (not supplied). 3.5 x 4 x 1.75 inches.
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#0906 GP-5/SSB CountyComm GP-5/SSB GEN 3 The CountyComm GP-5/SSB GEN 3 is an updated version of the famous GP-5/SSB.It provides serious HF communications monitoring including LSB and USB single sideband reception with its own narrow bandwidth. The radio covers medium wave 520-1710 kHz shortwave 1711-30000 kHz and the FM band in stereo. The "GEN 3" version includes: colored keys, stainless steel whip antenna, louder audio and longer run time. Requires three AA batteries (not included).
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