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N Type Adapters

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These N type low loss adapters are useful in converting to and from the popular N type plug used at VHF/UHF frequencies.

Order # Photo Item Description   Your Price Order
#2760 UG29 UG-  29 N female to N female barrel adapter. P-   $3.95 Order
#3355 N Bulkhead UG30 N female to to N female bulkhead connector. VIEW L   $5.95 Order
#6044 N Bulkhead N BARREL Economy N female to to N female barrel. VIEW L   $1.98 Order
#0037 UG57 UG-  57 N male to N male adapter VIEW P-714   $3.95 Order
#1384 UG83 UG-  83 N female to PL-259 adapter P-720   $4.95 Order
#3076 UG146 UG-146 SO-239 to N male adapter VIEW P-719   $4.95 Order
#0405 UG594 N ELBOW MF 90° Elbow N female to N male UG-27B P-715   $4.95 Order
#0931 N BNC TO N BNC female to N male adapter VIEW P-724   $5.99 Order
#4406 N TO SMA SMA F TO N SMA female to N male adapter VIEW P-11355   $4.95 Order
#4571 UG349 UG349/AU N female to BNC male adapter VIEW CZ-612   $4.95 Order
#4576 N to F N FEM-F ML N female to F male adapter VIEW P-718   $3.95 Order
#4401 N to sma SMA M TO N N female to SMA male adapter VIEW P-11360   $4.19 Order
#4532 F TO N F to N ML Female F to N Male adapter VIEW P-717   $3.89 Order
#5090 N SO239 N SO239 N female to SO239. VIEW N-39   $4.89 Order

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