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N Connectors

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The N type connector is used as for VHF/UHF applications where low loss is critical.

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#1273 N Male N Male N male two-part connector for RG8, RG213, 9913 (not for LMR400).
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Sliver plate with gold pin.
Accepts UG175 or UG176 for smaller cable types.
L   $4.95
#2117 UG175 UG-175 Reducer insert
for RG58 cable for N Male.
P-   $0.69
#2115 UG176 UG-176 Reducer insert
for RG59, RG8X cable for N Male.
P-   $0.69
#1852 UG83 UG-  23 N inline female connector for RG8U. P-   $4.95
#2946 N Inline Female N Inline Female N inline female connector for RG8X, RG59. P- Not available now
#3379 N Chassis N Chassis N chassis female connector (4 hole). P-   $4.95
#3355 N Bulkhead UG30 N female to to N female bulkhead connector. VIEW Z-620   $5.95
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