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¼ Inch Plug Cable

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The ¼ inch plug is widely used in communications applications. Most communications receivers and base transceivers employ the ¼ inch jack for the headphone output. It can be mono (2 C) or stereo (3 C). The cables below feature the ¼ inch plug at one or both ends. All the cables below feature shielded cable.

Order # Photo Item Length Description Price Order
#1553   CA-62 6 Foot Male mono mini plug to 1/4 inch male mono plug.
#1112   CA-30 6 Foot Male mono 1/4 inch plug to RCA phono plug.
#5771 44-288 44-288 6 Foot "Y" cable. Male stereo 1/4 inch plug to two RCA female jacks.
Black. VIEW
#5751 44-396 44-396 6 Foot Male stereo 1/4 inch plug to tinned leads (red, white, shield).
Black cable, gold plated plug. VIEW

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