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SMA Type Adapters

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The SMA connector is now commonly used on amateur HTs and handheld wideband receivers such as the Icom R2/R5/R6.

Order # Photo Item Description   Your Price Order
#5752 SMA F-BNC F SMA F-BNC F SMA female to BNC female adapter VIEW SMA-39TGN   $3.95 Order
   WXBNC (SMF-BNF BK) WXBNC SMA female, with flange, to BNC female adapter. Black VIEW PW- Discontinued
#0531 SMA M-BNC F SMA M-BNC F SMA male to BNC female adapter VIEW P-11335   $3.95 Order
#4407 SMA M-BNC SMA M-BNC M SMA male to BNC male adapter P-11330   $4.49 Order
#2976 SMA-UHF SMA M-SO239 SMA male to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW
Click here for CAUTION NOTICE
P-11370   $3.95 Order
#0853 SMA F-BNC SMA F-BNC M SMA female to BNC male adapter VIEW P-11340   $4.49 Order
#0856 SMA-SO239 SMA F-SO239 SMA female to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW P-   $4.69 Order
#6021 SMA-SO239 SO2-SMF BK SMA female to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW
AR   $4.98 Order
#0859 SMA-PL259 SMA F-PL259 SMA female to PL259 adapter VIEW SMA-36-TGN   $4.95 Order
  N TO SMA SMA F TO N SMA female to N male adapter VIEW SMA-34-TGN IP Not in stock
#4401 N to sma SMA M TO N N female to SMA male adapter VIEW SMA-25-TGN IP   $4.19 Order
#4304 SMA Barrel SMA F TO F SMA female to SMA female barrel adapter. VIEW SMA-23-TGN IP   $2.19 Order
#4844 SMA Barrel Gold SMA F TO F SMA female to SMA female barrel adapter. Gold plate. VIEW SMA-23-TGG IP   $2.89 Order
#4563 SMA Male-Male SMA M TO M SMA male to SMA male adapter. VIEW SMA-22-TGN IP   $2.29 Order
#4709 TNC-SMA TNC-SMA TNC Female to SMA Male P-880   $2.98 Order
#5026 SMA Elbow SMA 90 SMA female to SMA male elbow adapter. VIEW SMA-20-TGN IP   $3.49 Order
  SMA T SMA MFF T SMA "T"  Male to female/female adapter. VIEW SMA-18-TGN Discontinued

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