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SO239 & PL259
Type Adapters

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The SO239 jack and PL259 plug are the most common radio connectors for tabletop shortwave and amateur radio products.
These adapters are from a PL259 or SO239 to a different plug type.

Order # Photo Item Description S Your Price Order
#2791 PL258 PL-258 Double female UHF barrel connector
Will connect two PL259 plugs. VIEW
P-553A   $1.99 Order
#2795 UG363 UG-363 -2 Double female UHF bulkhead connector connects two PL259 plugs.
Two inches.


P-555A   $3.99 Order
#2503 MM MALE-MALE Male to male UHF coupler.
Also called PL259 male male. VIEW
Z-410   $1.98 Order
#1142 UHF T UHF T UHF "T" adapter.
Male and 2 Female VIEW
P-552A   $1.98 Order
  UHF T UHF T 3F UHF "T" adapter.
3 Female.
P-554A Discontinued
  UHF FFF M UHF FFF M UHF 1 Male to 3 Females. VIEW C-46-361 Not in stock
  90 UHF 90° UHF 90° male to female elbow. P-551A Discontinued
  RCA-PL259 RCA-PL259 RCA female to PL259 adapter P-557A Discontinued
  SO239-RCA SO239-RCA SO-239 (UHF) to RCA phono plug adapter VIEW M-27380 Discontinued
  SO239-MOTO SO239-MOTO SO-239 (UHF) to Motorola plug adapter VIEW _ Discontinued
#1619 SO239-MINI SO239-Mini SO-239 (UHF) to 1/8 inch mini plug adapter VIEW P-   $2.99 Order
  UG83 UG-  83 N female to PL-259 adapter VIEW P-720 Not in stock
  UG146 UG-146 SO-239 to N male adapter VIEW P-719 Not in stock
#2122 SO239-BNC UG255 SO-239 (UHF) to BNC male adapter VIEW Z-306   $3.95 Order
   SO239-BNC F BNCF-SO239 SO-239 (UHF) to BNC female adapter VIEW P-962 Not in stock
   SMA-UHF SMA M-SO239 SMA male to SO-239 (UHF) adapter P-11370 Discontinued
#0856 SMA-SO239 SMA F-SO239 SMA female to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW Z-1586   $2.98 Order
#2662 SMA-SO239 SO2-SMF SMA female to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW W-   $3.95 Order
#6021 SMA-SO239 SO2-SMF BK SMA female to SO-239 (UHF) adapter VIEW
AR   $2.98 Order
  SMA-PL259 SMA F-PL259 SMA female to PL259 adapter VIEW SMA-36-TGN Not in stock
  SO239 -TNC SO239-TNC SO239 to TNC male adapter P-878 Not in stock
  MUHF-SO239 MUHF-SO239 SO239 to Mini UHF male adapter.
P-886 Not in stock
#2131 MINI UHF PL259 MUHF PL259 Mini UHF female to PL259 (UHF Male) adapter. P-584   $1.98 Order
#3111 FC71 F to PL259 Female F to PL259 adapter VIEW P-FC71   $2.99 Order
#2814 FC68 SO239 to F SO239 to F male adapter VIEW P-FC68   $3.99 Order
  N SO239 N SO239 N female to SO239. VIEW N-39 Discontinued
  view PL259 connectors    


Order # Photo Item Description Your Price Order
   NMSO NMOSO NMO to SO239 adapter.
Permits PO type antenna to attach to an NMO mount.
Not in stock

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