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UG363 Bulkheads

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How do I get my antenna feedline into the house? Yes, the age old question.
One simple answer is drill a 5/8 inch hole through the wall and use a UG-363 bulkhead adapter of the appropriate length.
This useful female to female adapter will accept a PL-259 plug at both ends.
Available in eight lengths. The 1 inch and 12 inch models are shown above.

   Click here to view replacement nut.

Order # Model Length Price Order
#3683 UG363-  1 1 inch    $  2.99 Order
#2795 UG363-  2 2 inches $  3.99 Order
  UG363-  3 3 inches Not in stock
  UG363-  4 4 inches Not in stock
  UG363-  6 6 inches Not in stock
  UG363-  8 8 inches Not in stock
  UG363-10 10 inches Not in stock
  UG363-12 12 inches Not in stock

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