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Kaito KA11
AM/FM/SW Portable


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Kaito KA11

The Kaito KA11 is a portable radio covering AM, FM and shortwave from 5.8 to 18.1 MHz. This radio has a digital frequency display and a clock with timer. It has an backlit LCD display. This radio features 1000 nonvolatile memories. The keypad supports direct frequency entry. The rear panel has the battery compartment for two AA cells (not supplied). The left side of the radio has a Local/DX switch and external antenna jack. The built in clock-timer may be set for 12 or 24 hour format. The sleep timer may be set for 1 to 99 minutes. The AM band tuning step may be set for 9 or 10 kHz. There is a switch for FM stereo or mono. There is a mini external antenna jack for FM/SW.

The Kaito KA11 comes with:  AC adapter, stereo ear buds, wrist strap and soft wire antenna. Size:  4.5 x 3 x 1.1 inches (118x75x24 mm).

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