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Kaito KA1121


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Kaito KA1121

The Kaito KA1121 is a dual conversion portable radio covering longwave, AM, shortwave and FM. AM coverage is from 522-1710 kHz (1, 9 or 10 kHz steps) and shortwave coverage is 3000-29990 kHz (1 or 5 kHz steps). Single side band (SSB) mode is available on shortwave with fine tuning. 400 memories are available in 100 pages. Auto scan and auto memory is supported. A built-in clock has 3 alarms and wakes you to beeper or radio. The attractive LCD is backlit. The front panel controls and side panel controls are easy to use. There is a three position sensitivity switch:  Local, Normal and DX. Unlike most portable shortwave radios, the KA1121 also receives the seven NOAA weather channels. Another completely unique feature of the KA1121 is a slide-out MP3 player with 256MB of memory that lets you record up to 10 hours of audio ... including "off the air". It can be used independently from the radio. Comes with three Ni-MH AA cells, DF6 Ni-MH rechargeable batter for MP3 unit, stereo earphone, USB cable, installation CD, soft antenna, manual, carry pouch and AC adapter.

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#0021 07-13 D[189] 150/120 Q050/075 CH 07/19