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Kaito KA1103 SIL
AM/FM/SW  Silver


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Kaito KA1103

The Kaito KA1103 is a dual conversion portable radio covering AM, shortwave and FM. AM coverage is from 520-1710 kHz and shortwave coverage is ten bands:  3.2-4, 4.6-5.4, 5.6-6.4, 6.6-7.4, 9.1-9.9, 11.5-12.4, 13.5-14.4, 15-15.9, 17.1-18, 21-21.9 MHz. Single side band (SSB) mode is available on shortwave with fine tuning. 268 memories are available with 190 dynamic memories in 19 banks. Auto scan and auto memory is supported. A built in clock has 3 alarms and wakes you to beeper or radio. The large, attractive LCD backlit and it features a signal strength indicator. The front panel controls and panel controls are easy to use. There is a DX-Local switch and an FM Mono-Stereo switch. Additionally there is a two position tone switch. There is also a button that selects Wide-Narrow selectivity (or Mono-Stereo while on the FM band). Other refinements include:  battery power indicator, lock and sleep. The left side panel an external antenna jack and a stereo earphone jack. The right side panel as a Line Output mini jack.

This radio comes with many accessories including four AA Ni-MH rechargeable AA cells and AC adaptor. The AC adaptor not only works as DC power source, but it also charges the batteries automatically. With wrist strap, wire antenna, carry bag and stereo earbuds. An Owner's Manual and Quick Reference Guide are included. One year manufacturer's limited warranty. Size:  6.5 x 4.1 x 1.2 inches (165x105x29 mm). Produced in black and silver.

Operational Notes:
  Please follow battery charging programming instructions in the Owner's Manual prior to use.
  Frequencies outside the indicated shortwave broadcast bands (eg. 10.150 MHz) may be accessed by numerically entering the frequency via the numeric keys [1-0]. In this mode the radio may be tuned, but the dial pointer will not display.
  This radio mutes during manual tuning.

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