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Books: Shortwave Broadcast & Utility Listening 

Shortwave Frequency Guide

2022 Shortwave Frequency Guide

By Joerg Klingenfuss.
This book covers the latest 2022 schedules of all clandestine, domestic, and international broadcast stations, compiled by a team of international experts assisted by more than 100 experienced collaborators and monitors worldwide. It features a giant broadcast frequency list with 4000 entries and a superb alphabetical country list of stations as well. An excellent list of clandestine stations is also featured. Another 9000 abbreviated entries cover utility stations worldwide from the international bestseller Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2021-2022. An introduction to professional shortwave monitoring is included as well, plus 900 abbreviations. Virtually two handbooks in one - at an affordable price! 26TH Edition. Printed December 2021. 340 pages.

This book is still available in CD format.

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New edition expected December 2022. Please check back.

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