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Eton Elite Mini

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Eton Mini

The Eton Elite Mini is a very compact radio that will literally put the world in your pocket! It receives the regular AM and FM bands, plus the international shortwave bands in the range of 5.9-10 and 11.65-18 MHz. The radio's controls are easy to use. Features include:  rich orange digital display, scanning, metal grill, clock-alarm with sleep timer, key lock and mini earphone jack. Includes protective case.

The radio may be powered from two AAA batteries (not included) or optional MW41-310+ 3 Volt AC adaptor. Comes with carry pouch. 4.3" x 2.7 x 0.47 7.5 oz. (70x110x14mm).

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   MW41-310+ AC Adapter 3 VDC 100 mAh +. Discontinued

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