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Tecsun PL-880
Black Case

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Tecsun PL-880
Silver Case

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Tecsun PL880

The Tecsun PL-880 offers features not previously available in a radio of this size and price. As expected, you get full coverage of long wave 100-519 kHz, AM from 520-1710 kHz, shortwave from 1.7-30 MHz and FM from 64-108 MHz. Designed for the serious listener and DXer, you can select four bandwidths in AM mode:  9, 5, 3.5 or 2.3 kHz and five bandwidths in SSB mode: 4, 3, 2.3, 1.2 and 0.5 kHz. A mere 3,050 memories are available. Scanning on shortwave is supported from 2250-26100 kHz. This radio even has interesting undocumented features such as sync. lock, variable muting, adding seconds display, etc. The triple conversion architecture provides performance not previously available at this price point.

Your Tecsun PL-880 system includes:  carry pouch, ear buds, wire antenna, USB cable and #18650 Li-ion battery. In order to charge the included battery, you will need a USB power supply. You may already have one if you have a cell phone. If not please purchase one of the AC adapters listed below.
We are currently shipping firmware version 8820. [06/06/20]

Click here for video demonstration  [4:30 mins.]

Order # Photo Item Description Price Order
   18650 Tecsun 18650 Li-ion battery 3.7V 2000 mAh [as supplied]. VIEW Discontinued
   Blue Stand Kaito AD800 USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 500 mA. INFO
#4820 TY05 Kaito TY05 Dual output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 3400 mA. INFO
(Does not include USB cable)
$9.98 Order
   1128 DUAL 3A Dual output USB AC Adapter 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz
to 5 VDC 3400 mA. VIEW
(Does not include USB cable)
   USB USB CBL A USB Power / Charging cable only.
USB-A to Mini-USB (3 feet) [as supplied].INFO
Not currently stocked
#0027 Prop book RADIO PROP Radio Propagation For Beginners
This introductory pamphlet covers the various modes of shortwave propagation and provides a brief explanation of the radio spectrum, a frequency to wavelength conversion chart and plans for a simple longwire antenna. VIEW
$1.95 Order

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