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Choyong LC90

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Choyong LC90

The Choyong Radio LC90 is a new type of radio that can receive over 40,000 stations worldwide by connecting to a 4G cellular network or Wi-Fi. Enjoy virtually 100% reliable reception 24/7 with no fading, static or interference. Global WiFi stations are categorized by region, country and city. Users can also search for streaming stations via voice commands. Simply press and hold the LANG key, then speak that callsign or station name. You can also edit and add your favorite stations. For cellular operation please see your phone provider for a SIM card. Monthly charges would apply. WiFi reception requires access to a 2.4G wideband network.

Your LC90 can also work like a regular radio with coverage of longwave, medium wave, shortwave and FM stations. The current version supports the reception of SSB - Single Side Band for more shortwave listening opportunities such as amateur radio, maritime, aeronautical and military traffic.

The LC90 provides audio fidelity not normally found in portable receivers, especially of this compact size. The two-way frequency division design is achieved with the mid and low frequencies emitted by a bass speaker and the high end handled by a silk dome tweeter. A passive bass radiator further enhances the sound.

Enjoy a quality feel and crisp backlit IPS color LCD display. You can connect external devices, to play through the radio's sound system using the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol. Do you have your own music on a TF card? Simply plug it into the radio! Supported formats include APE, FLAC, WAV, MP3, M4A, etc. If the TF card is in FAT32 format, it can handle up to 256Gb TF cards.

Advanced features include multiple bandwidths, keypad entry, memories, full function color display, backlit keypad, 3.5mm external antenna jack. Over the air (i.e. WiFi) firmware updating is supported (requires TF USB card not larger than 32Gb).

The radio is powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries, providing a battery capacity of 5000mAh, which allows for up to 48 hours of continuous operation. A wrist strap and USB-C power cable is supplied. The user must supply a USB power cube.
We will update the radio prior to shipping. The current firmware is Version 4.5 [05/10/24].

The information shown is preliminary and subject to change. Stock status: backordered ten days.

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#6925 microSD Lexar 32Gb microSD A micro SD card (not more than 32Gb) and high speed wireless Internet connection are required to update the firmware version. Includes updating tip sheet VIEW. $6.95 Order
#0027 Prop book RADIO PROP Radio Propagation For Beginners
This introductory pamphlet covers the various modes of shortwave propagation and provides a brief explanation of the radio spectrum, a frequency to wavelength conversion chart and plans for a simple longwire antenna. VIEW
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#2023 WRTH 2023 WRTH 2023 World Radio TV Handbook 2023
The definitive source of broadcast radio information. With the help of an international network of contributors, this invaluable annual provides the latest information on mediumwave, shortwave and FM broadcasts and broadcasters. Radios stations are listed by country and by frequency. 848 pages. Published by Radio Data Center of Germany. List $39.95. INFO.
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#2024 WRTH 2024 WRTH 2024 World Radio TV Handbook 2024
The authoritative annual directory of shortwave broadcast stations for over 75 years. Organized by both country and frequency. Also includes station contact information, DX club information, Internet resources and equipment reviews. 816 pages. Published by Radio Data Center of Germany. INFO.
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#0211 WRTH WWLG 11 Worldwide Listening Guide - 11th Edition
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