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Eton Field BT

The Eton Grundig Edition Field BT follows on the success of the original Field, but adds Bluetooth® technology to allow you to wirelessly play your Bluetooth® music player or other device through the radio! It receives AM, FM, FM stereo (to earphone jack) and complete international shortwave coverage from 1.7 to 30 MHz. There is a built-in digital clock / timer. This radio features RDS - Radio Data System that enables FM broadcasters to deliver more than just an analog audio signal, but also to transmit alphanumeric data, like the station’s call letters, style of music, song title, artist and more. Separate Bass & Treble knobs tailor the sound to your taste. The memory system stores 50 stations:  10 AM, 10 FM, 10 SW-1, 10 SW-2 and 10 SW-3.

There is a built-in whip antenna plus external antenna jacks. Other features include: 9/10 kHz MW step, carry strap, shortwave RF gain control knob, Lock Button, Local/DX Switch and Wide/Narrow selectivity. The tuning rate may be set to FAST, SLOW or STOP. The brightness of the display may be set to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH. The radio features a mini input jack to play audio from external sources. The Line Output jack can feed an external tape recorder or audio amplifier.

Operates on four D cells (not included) or supplied 6VDC 500 mA AC adapter. 12.4 x 6.9 x 3.0 inches. With printed English/French/Spanish owner's manual. The Eton Field BT comes to you in a protective carry box.

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