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Eton E1
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Audiovox CNP1000

The Eton E1 is XM ready. This means you may purchase the Audiovox CNP1000 XM antenna module at any time. The CNP1000 can be moved from one E1 to another E1, or even to some other compatable electronic products. It has a 25 foot cable.

The Audiovox CNP1000 Connect-and-Play', is a revolutionary technology Platform designed to integrate XM into a broad range of home and portable consumer electronics entertainment devices. By matching XM Ready audio systems with a simple, elegant antenna/receiver, getting XM becomes even easier for home audio listeners. The Connect-and-Play antenna is a fully Integrated XM receiver and antenna combination and is the only component needed to provide the full XM experience through any XM Ready home or portable audio system. Simply look for the XM-Ready logo on the front of your system. With this new technology consumers simply plug an XM Connect-and-Play home antenna into an XM-Ready audio product and activate the service to receive XM's 150-plus Digital radio channels. No additional accessories or installation are required. XM reception requires a south facing view. It may be set inside a window facing the south sky. XM service activation and monthly subscription fee required.

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