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Portable Receivers 

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Frequency Coverage: 100-30,000 kHz, includes shortwave, medium wave AM broadcast band and longwave; selectable 87-108 or 76-90 MHz FM broadcast band; XM Radio Satellit radio.
Reception Modes: AM, FM-stereo, Single Sideband (selectable USB/LSB) and CW.
Digital Display: large 5.7 inch square, 240 x 320 pixel, dot matrix display. Shows all modes and selected functions.
Programmable Memories: 500 user programmable with alpha labeling plus 1200 user definable country memories, for a total of 1700.
Memory Scan Function.
Digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) Synthesized Tuning with Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) for drift-free frequency stability and finest tuning resolution.
Dual Conversion Superheterodyne Circuit: results in minimized interference through superior selectivity.
Excellent Sensitivity: yielding a true high-performance receiver.
High Dynamic Range: allowing for detection of weak signals in the presence of strong signals.
Selectable Bandwidths: 7.0, 4.0, 2.5 kHz for excellent selectivity.
Single Sideband Synchronous AM Detector: selectable USB/LSB or double sideband to minimize adjacent frequency interference and fading distortion of AM signals.
IF Passband Tuning: an advanced tuning feature that functions in AM and SSB. Greatly helps reject interference.
Tuning Modes: variable-rate tuning knob, direct keypad frequency entry, up/down pushbuttons and auto-tuning.
Direct Shortwave Band Entry, allows instant access to the shortwave band of choice. Selectable AGC: fast and slow mode.
Display Backlighting: evenly lit backlight enables display viewing under all lighting conditions.
Dual Programmable Clocks With WWV Auto-Setting.
Dual-Event Programmable ON/OFF Timers: can be used for recording or ‘alarm clock’ function. Superior Audio Quality via a bridged type audio amplifier, providing high output power with battery operation.
Continuous bass and treble tone controls.
Headphone Jack.
Stereo Line-Level Input: allows listening to other devices such as a CD player through the E1.
Stereo Line-Level Output: for recording or routing the output to another device such as a home stereo. Calibrated LCD signal strength meter.
Built-In Antennas: telescopic antenna for shortwave, AM broadcast band and FM reception.
External Antenna Connection for the addition of auxiliary antennas, e.g. professionally engineered shortwave antennas; long-wire shortwave antennas; specialized AM broadcast band antennas for enthusiasts of AM DX’ing; FM broadcast band antennas and XM antenna.
Dimensions: 13.1”L x 7.1”H x 2.3”W Weight: 4lbs. 3oz.
Power Source: 4 D batteries (not included) or AC adaptor (included)

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