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The Eton Corporaton of Palo Alto, California issued a recall on January 11, 2006 on certain E1 units for quality control issues. Their statement from Sales Director Ryan Giordano, states that some radios found in the 3067 to 5462 range may be affected. [Radios with a Drake Co. sticker near the serial number are certified to be correct]. The serial number on this model can be found on the back of the radio under the tilt stand. The simultaneous use of batteries and the AC adapter may cause battery heat-up, leakage and possible rupture.

Eton has issued a recall notification by post. Affected customers may contact Eton Customer service at 800 872-2228 or 650 903-3866. Eton will make arrangements with customer for prepaid return shipping to Eton. Eton Corporation will send the customer a fully tested E1 replacement plus a complimentary FR200 emergency radio.

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