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The Eton Elite Satellit is simply the finest full-sized portable in the world. The Elite Satellit is an elegant confluence of performance, features and capabilities. The look, feel and finish of this radio is superb. The solid, quality feel is second to none. The digitally synthesized, dual conversion shortwave tuner covers all long wave, mediums wave (AM) and shortwave frequencies. The FM band also includes HD Radio which improves audio fidelity and adds additional programming without a subscription fee. The VHF civil air band has also been included to listen in on nearby commercial aircraft. Specific coverage is: longwave 150-520 kHz, Medium wave 520-1710 kHz (9 or 10 kHz steps), shortwave 1710-30000 kHz. FM 87-108 MHz (or 76-90 MHz), and VHF airband 117-137 MHz. Adjacent frequency interference can be minimized or eliminated with a wide choice of bandwidths: AM 1, 1.8, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 6 kHz and SSB/CW 0.5, 1, 1.2, 2.2, 3, 4 kHz. The sideband selectable Synchronous AM Detector further minimizes adjacent frequency interference and reduces fading distortion of AM signals. AGC is selectable to on or off. High dynamic range permits the detection of weak signals in the presence of strong signals. All this coupled with great sensitivity will bring in stations from every part of the globe. Organizing your stations is facilitated by 500 user programmable presets with alpha labeling, plus 1200 user definable country memories, for a total of 1700 presets. You can tune this radio many ways such as:  direct shortwave band entry, direct keypad frequency entry, up-down tuning and scanning. Plus you can tune the bands with the good old fashioned tuning knob (this radio does mute during tuning). There is also a dual-event programmable timer. Whether you are listening to AM, shortwave, FM or FM-HD, you will experience superior audio quality via a bridged type audio amplifier, large built in speaker and continuous bass and treble tone controls. RDS is included. A mini stereo line-level output is provided for routing the audio into another device such as a recorder or home stereo. Conversely there is also a mini stereo auxiliary input jack for playing compatible devices into the radio's audio system. The large LCD has programmable backlighting in three selectable colors (green/blue/orange) and instantly shows you the complete status of your radio. A knob in the battery compartment allows adjustment of the screen brightness. Equalizer knob controls the audio level of the external mono speaker output jack to allow the user to match the volume of the internal speaker to an external speaker that have been connected. A front panel door allows access to the battery compartment, contrast adjust and reset button.

Many receiver parameters such as AM step, FM coverage, beep, backlighting color, kHz/MHz entry etc., can be set to your personal taste via a series of preference menus. The Elite Satellit has a built in telescopic antenna for AM, shortwave, air band and FM reception. Additionally there is a switchable antenna jack (PAL male) for an external antenna. The cabinet employs a durable hard plastic design.

Includes luxurious wrap-around case protects the radio when traveling, PAL to F antenna adapter (#1156), manual, mini Shortwave Listening Guide, 120V AC adapter (6 VDC 500 mA [+]) or may be operated from four D cells (not included). The Eton Elite Satellit is for world explorers who want to travel first class. 13.1 x 7.1 x 2.5 inches. Weight: 3 lbs. 4 oz. (This radio does not receive XM or other satellite services).

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#6615 PSI-16-4S Tenba PSI-16-4S Case Protective canvas carry case.
Dimensions: Exterior 15 x 12 x 3.5". Interior: 14 x 10 x 2.5".  INFO
$18.98 Order
#2903 Economy Case Fujitsu Siemens Protective canvas carry case.
This lap top canvas case makes it easy to transport your Elite Satellit. INFO
$16.98 Order
#2323 HD3030 HD-3030 Headphones
Enjoy private listening with these comfortable, fully padded headphones. May be set for mono or stereo. With volume controls for each ear. With standard mini plug, plus mini to ¼ inch adapter included. INFO
$19.95 Order
#4849 PAL FEM PAL FEM PAL female solderless plug.
To connect an external antenna.  VIEW   PARTS
$4.99 Order
#1684 PAL FEM 90 PAL FEM 90 PAL female 90 degree solderless plug.
To connect an external antenna.  INFO
$4.98 Order
#1156 FP400 PAL F TO F PAL female to F female adapter.
Allows you to connect to the antenna
input with a common F connector. [As supplied] VIEW
$2.29 Order
#2814 SO239 TO F SO239 to F F male to SO-239 adapter. Permits connection of a PL-259 with the supplied #1156 PAL F TO F. INFO $3.99 Order
#0236 SO239PAL90 SO239PAL90 SO-239 to PAL90 coax jumper.
Ten inches. PAL female right-angle plug to inline SO-239 jack.
To connect an external PL-259 antenna plug.  INFO
$19.98 Order
#1052 SO239-PAL fem SO239PAL SO-239 to PAL coax jumper.
Ten inches. PAL female straight plug to inline SO-239 jack.
To connect an external PL-259 antenna plug.  VIEW
$17.98 Order
  ANT SWL-23 ANT SWL-23 Wire antenna with F connector.
Requires #1156 PAL F TO F adapter (which is supplied with the radio) to connect to the radio.  INFO
#2024 WRTH 2024 WRTH 2024 World Radio TV Handbook 2024
The authoritative annual directory of shortwave broadcast stations for over 75 years. Organized by both country and frequency. Also includes station contact information, DX club information, Internet resources and equipment reviews. Over 750 pages. Published by Radio Data Center of Germany. INFO.
$49.90 Order
#0211 WRTH WWLG 11 Worldwide Listening Guide - 11th Edition
This book explains radio listening in all of today's formats: “live,” on-demand, podcast, terrestrial, satellite, Internet, digital, analog, AM, FM, shortwave and WiFi. A comprehensive guide to what can be heard how, where and when. Learn new ways to enjoy world band radio. The main section details programing available to you on an hour-by-hour basis, including program names! By John Figliozzi W5YI Publ. ©Nov. 2023. INFO
$27.95 Order
#0324 Kling SW Book 2024 SWFREQ24 Shortwave Frequency Guide 2024
This book covers the latest 2023 schedules of all clandestine, domestic, and international broadcast stations, compiled by a team of international experts assisted by more than 100 experienced collaborators worldwide. It features a giant broadcast frequency list with 4190 entries and a superb alphabetical country list of stations as well. Another 9000 abbreviated entries cover utility stations worldwide from the Guide to Utility Radio Stations 2023-2024. 28th Edition. By J. Klingenfuss. Printed in Germany 2023. VIEW.
$59.95 Order
#0027 Prop Book RADIO PROP Radio Propagation For Beginners
This introductory pamphlet covers the various modes of shortwave propagation and provides a brief explanation of the radio spectrum, a frequency to wavelength conversion chart and plans for a simple longwire antenna. VIEW
$1.95 Order

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