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Eton Elite Satellit
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Eton Elite Satellit

The Eton Elite Satellit features a large display that instantly shows you the frequency you are tuned to, signal strength, time, etc. At the bottom of the screen has an important status line that shows you important information regarding how the radio is currently set.
From left to right:
AGC ON Automatic Gain Control is "ON".
BW 4.0 KHz Bandwidth (selectivity) is set for 4 kHz wide.
PBT -0.6 KHz Passband Tuning function is set for -0.6 kHz.
AM AM SYNC Radio is set in the amplitude modulation [AM] mode, with Synchronous Detection on.
SSB USB Synchronous Detection is recovering the received audio from the USB-upper side band of the transmitted AM signal.
PBT Passband Tuning is turned on. (SQU-squelch if off).

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