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Grundig Satellit 800 LCD Grundig Satellit 800 LCD Diagram

The Grundig Satellite 800 LCD (liquid crystal display) conveys complete information on the status of your receiver such as:

  1. Timer active or inactive
  2. Lock dial, buttons and keypad locked
  3. Memory current memory 00 to 69
  4. Battery status
  5. AGC fast or slow
  6. AM Sync Synchronous detection on or off  
  7. USB/LSB single sideband
  8. FM FM broadcast band
  9. Meter Band shortwave meter band
10. AIR VHF civil aircraft band
11. Frequency seven digit frequency readout
12. Scan scan memory mode indication
13. Bandwidth 6.0, 4.0 or 2.3 kHz
14. Stereo FM stereo reception

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