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Satellit 800

Rear Panel

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Grundig Satellit 800 Rear Panel

The Grundig Satellite 800 rear panel includes jacks and terminals for a variety of antennas plus audio output connectors for the radio.

  1. Antenna Input #1 SO-239, 50 ohm for Shortwave
  2. Shortwave Antenna Select Switch Ant.1 / Ant.2 / Whip
  3. FM-Air Antenna Select Switch External antenna jack or whip
  4. FM-Air Antenna Jack F Type Coaxial, 75 ohm
  5. Antenna Input #2 Terminals, 500 ohm for Shortwave
  6. Line Audio Output (Fixed level, RCA Jacks)
  7. Battery Compartment (6 x D cells)
  8. External DC Input 9 VDC 1 Amp [and for supplied wall adapter]  
  9. External Speaker (¼ inch, 3 Conductor)
10. Telescopic Whip Antenna with pivot

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