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Sony ICF-2010


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Sony ICF-2010

The Sony ICF-2010 receives AM, FM, shortwave and the VHF aeronautical band, seldom found in other portable receivers. Direct access tuning is provided along with a multifunction LCD digital readout for unsurpassed convenience and accuracy. 32 Memories with a dedicated key for each, can be accessed via just one keystroke. A conventional tuning knob is provided for manual tuning. Convenient scan and memory scan tuning modes are also available. Continuous coverage from 150 - 29999.9 kHz in AM/SSB/CW and 76-108 MHz in FM is provided plus VHF air (116-136 MHz). Dual PLL quartz frequency synthesis insures exceptional accuracy and stability. The LCD readout on shortwave reads out to 100 Hz (e.g.: 13973.4)! A switchable 12/24 hour clock is featured as well as an advanced program timer that can be set to turn the receiver on and off up to four times per day tuning in up to four different stations! Switchable wide or narrow IF bandwidth can be selected to minimize adjacent channel interference. Synchronous tuning locks in on weak stations. Record and earphone outputs are furnished. With built-in ferrite bar antenna for longwave and medium wave (AM) and a telescopic antenna for FM, shortwave and VHF-AIR reception plus external antenna jack. 4 inch speaker.

Supplied accessories:  AC-D3 AC adapter, earphone, shoulder strap, wire antenna, shortwave guide book and Owner's Manual. Two AA cells are required for either DC or 120 VAC operation. Three D cells are required for DC operation. 11.375 x 6.25 x 2.125 inches 3.9 lbs (290x160x55mm 1.7 kg).

Order # Item Description Price Order
  AC-D3 AC Adapter [4.5VDC center neg.] (as supplied) Discontinued
  AN1 Active antenna for LW/MW/SW. INFO Discontinued
  AN3 VHF antenna for VHF airband. INFO Discontinued
  DCC127A Car battery cord. VIEW Discontinued
  ANT 2010 Replacement telescopic whip antenna. 1-501-331-11 VIEW  Discontinued

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