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Lextronix E1100
AM/FM/SW Portable


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Lextronix E1100

The Lextronix E1100 keeps you in touch with both local and international news where ever you go. This compact radio receives AM, FM and ten shortwave bands. Shortwave coverage is:   3990-4440, 4680-5260, 5920-6610, 7015-7730, 9160-10130, 11590-12500, 13530-14200, 15060-16000, 17380-18200 and 21560-22140 kHz. The E1100 is easy to use with an analog tuning knob on the right side of the radio. It features a digital display, lock function, radio or buzzer alarm, 24 hour clock, sleep function and stereo headphone jack. The backlit activates anytime you rotate the tuning knob. There is a flip-out tilt stand on the rear panel. The E1100 comes with a protective pouch, manual and wrist strap. There is a wall adapter jack 3VDC [—] 100 ma (the wall adapter is not included). Black rubberized case. 5.12 x 3.15 x 1.15 inches 7 oz.

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#1085 08-10 D[000]055/039 Q020/030 CH 04/11